How To Choose Outdoor 4G Solar Camera

With the improvement of people’s security awareness, many people want to monitor with a camera at home. If it is in an indoor environment, when capturing the camera, it is relatively simple. The installation considers factors such as waterproofing, network, and communication.
However, many people install them outdoors, such as farms, orchards, and ponds. At this time, WIFI or external fish cameras are not enough. In this case, 4G solar camera is the most suitable product.

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LS Vision Intelligent Video Surveillance: Make your life safer!

In order to protect the safety of families and property, surveillance cameras are in great demand in countries around the world, but the environment in each country is different. For example, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria are very hot all year round; while the Philippines and Japan are prone to heavy rains and strong winds. For different weather in different countries, LS Vision provides professional IP67 waterproof full-color starlight POE cameras.

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