How about the solar CCTV cameras ?

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With the rapid development of science and technology, in order to deal with various unexpected situations, it is necessary to install solar cctv in public places. Especially in some low and remote places with high economic value, it is necessary to install monitoring equipment to make people feel at ease. So what are the advantages of the popular solar camera? Is the solar camera running stable? How much is the camera generally? Today let’s analyze together.

First of all, there are still many advantages of solar monitoring. It does not require wires to connect, which eliminates the possibility of damaging wires to achieve the purpose of intrusion, and it does not consume electricity. Moreover, solar cctv are more independent and the camera will not stop working due to power failure in the area. So solar camera is a very stable monitoring equipment. Although it uses sunlight for power generation, its photoelectric conversion efficiency is still very high. Normally, the electricity generated during a day is enough for the equipment to operate normally for two or three days.

With the development of science and technology and the maturity of IOT technology, the current solar monitoring camera system has been widely used. It uses an independent solar system for power supply, which not only solves the problem of large amount of engineering such as wiring, but also avoids the problem that all cameras stop working at the same time due to lack of power in the system.

But there are also many friends who said that the power generation effect is not good after installing solar energy. Let’s talk about some misunderstandings in the installation.

Misunderstanding 1: There are too many obstructions in the installation environment, or the distance between solar panels is too close, resulting in low charging efficiency of solar panels, such as leaves, buildings, light poles, etc., blocking sunlight, resulting in a shadow on solar panels during the day. Thereby affecting the absorption and conversion of light energy.

Solution: Avoid the environment with many obstructions during installation to ensure sufficient sunlight.

Misunderstanding 2: The angle of the solar panel is adjusted incorrectly, resulting in low solar panel charging efficiency.

Solution: The correct angle adjustment of the solar panel needs to follow a simple principle: let the sunshine directly on the solar panel, so that the charging efficiency is maximized. In different places, the tilt angle of the solar panel can refer to the local longitude and latitude, the solar panel will be tilted horizontally. Therefore, for different latitudes and different roads, according to the experience summarized in LSVISION Information Company, the angle of solar panel is quite critical.

Misunderstanding 3: Solar energy is charged indoors. Some customers will install solar camera in the parking shed to facilitate parking at night, but also install solar panels in the shed, so the charging effect is naturally greatly reduced.

Solution: we can use outdoor charging, indoor discharge, solar panel and camera separation method for installation.

Misunderstanding 4: Extend the solar panel connection line; In some installation locations, because of too much interference, the solar panel and the camera are separated by a long distance, and some customers are separated by a distance of 10 meters or more, and then buy other two-core wires on the market to connect. Because the quality of the general wire on the market is not very good, and the distance between the wires is very long, the wire loss is large, so the charging efficiency will be reduced a lot, which will affect the standby time.

Generally pay attention to the above problems when using it. Solar CCTV camera products are still very good products in the market .

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