How do wireless cecuriry cameras get power?

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  A wireless security system needs a lot of power to run constantly. These cameras can use one of two main power sources:

  The first is an electrical source. These cameras are powered by the mains, as per wired models. They’re still wireless cameras because they transmit wirelessly.

  The second is battery-power. Battery-powered cameras are ideal for locations where mains power isn’t an option, but you will need to replace the batteries frequently to keep the camera transmitting.

The 4G solar camera is composed of 4G module, solar panel and battery module. The large capacity battery module supplies power to the camera.

In the daytime, when there is sunlight, the solar panel charges the battery, and at night, the battery outputs voltage,

Because the power of the camera is very low, and the camera will automatically enter the sleep standby mode, and wake up for recording when someone passes by, the power consumption of the low-power camera is very low, and it can continue to work for more than 7 days in rainy weather.

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