How Much Traffic And Memory Does A 4G Solar Camera Cost?

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With the improvement of technology and the increasing market demand for solar cameras with no internet or electricity, 4G solar cameras have become the favored object of many customers.

1. How much traffic will the 4G solar camera consume during use?

As the 4G SIM card is involved, it will be related to the use of data. When we use mobile phones to view videos, we always feel that the data is not enough. Every month we worry about the lack of data. Then use the 4G solar camera. At that time, will there be this worry for 4G solar camera too? I believe that before the installation of solar monitoring cameras, these are issues that everyone is generally very concerned about. In this article, I will analyze how much traffic is required by the 4G solar camera.

Our current solar camera uses PIR detection technology. When a person is detected, it will start recording and push alarms. Other times are in a sleep state. The recorded video will be stored in the memory card or the cloud. If you do not view the video in real time through the mobile APP , The traffic used in a day is very small, basically negligible. When we open the mobile APP to view, it will start to spend traffic. So how much data will be spent when view remotely through APP? Depending on the resolution set, the traffic consumed per minute is different:

In SD mode: 0.9M-1.9MB/min

In HD mode: 1.9M-3.8MB/min

Assuming that it is used 5 times a day for 2 minutes, the traffic of 1G is about 1024MB. In SD mode, it can be used for 54 days, and in HD mode, it can be used for 27 days.

1G traffic can be used 1month

2.-How much memory does the solar camera take up during recording?

The storage problem is the second biggest problem that everyone is concerned about when using the solar camera. You are worried that the memory is not enough, and there is no way to find important videos. Please refer to my detailed description below for the usage time of the memory. If the 128G memory card is still not enough for you If required, you can also purchase cloud storage on the APP for recording.

Our camera adopts automatic loop recording mode, which means that when the memory card is full, it automatically overwrites the earliest video files. Usually our video is 3.58MB/segment, and it will probably use 215MB=0.21G in the case of continuous recording for 1 hour. Please refer to the table below for specific available time:

Automatic loop recording

Storage capacity32G64G128G
Recording daysAbout 6.25daysAbout 12.5daysAbout 25days

The number of recording days is calculated according to the 24-hour continuous recording mode, for reference only, the actual consumption is the main focus.

The above are the two issues that everyone has considered more in the process of purchasing 4G solar cameras. As a professional solar surveillance camera manufacturer, LS Vision integrates R&D, production and sales, and will fully consider customers in every aspect of the design.We think about what customers think, worry about what customers worry about. We hope that LS Vision’s solar camera can protect your property and safety, and at the same time make a contribution to the world’s environmental protection.

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