How To Choose Outdoor 4G Solar Camera

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With the improvement of people’s security awareness, many people want to monitor with a camera at home. If it is in an indoor environment, when capturing the camera, it is relatively simple. The installation considers factors such as waterproofing, network, and communication.

However, many people install them outdoors, such as farms, orchards, and ponds. At this time, WIFI or external fish cameras are not enough. In this case, 4G solar camera is the most suitable product.

What is a solar camera

100% Wire Free PTZ Solar Camera

The solar 4G camera monitoring system is a major breakthrough in the industry. It breaks the limitation that traditional cameras require network and city power for data transmission. Using mobile network to transmit video and solar energy supply for electricity, 4G camera is not available. Monitoring points in areas where there is no electricity on the network.

The working principle of the 4G camera is similar to that of a mobile phone: the data is sent to the server through the base station through the built-in 4G module. Therefore, in order to transmit data, 4G camera needs to be inserted into a SIM card like a mobile phone.

The working principle of the solar power generation system is to generate electricity through solar panels and store it in a battery, so as to ensure that the camera can continue to work at night and on cloudy and rainy days without lighting.

Which places are suitable for installing solar cameras

Simply put, as long as there is a mobile phone network signal and a solar camera, it is suitable to install a solar camera. During the installation, you can test the signal strength of the mobile phone network by going online with your mobile phone.

Because the solar 4G camera is suitable for installation in areas where there is no network or electricity, it is especially suitable for installation in areas covered by the network and mains massage. For example: construction sites, farms, docks, land, holiday houses, RVs, warehouses, communities, hydroelectric power stations, oil fields, wildlife protection bases, etc.

Advantages of solar cameras

Easy To Install

Advantage 1: Use is not restricted by location

The solar camera can be installed in any place where there is a mobile phone network signal and sunny scenery.

Advantage 2: High privacy and security

Compared with traditional camera transmission, signal transmission via mobile phone network is safer and more difficult for camera camera systems.

Advantage 3: Simple installation

There is no need to slot and pull the net, install the solar energy, insert the mobile phone card, connect the power to install the client, and add the camera to realize the remote monitoring of the flow of people. One can also be done.

Advantage 4: Remote viewing anytime, anywhere

Cameras cannot be monitored in places where there is no network. As long as the solar camera is inserted into the mobile phone data card, it can be viewed remotely from any place in the world.

Selection elements of solar camera

Waterproof and Dustproof

1. Visual range

The viewing angle of the box camera is generally about 90 degrees, and the detection range is limited. The guide can not achieve 100% security protection by detecting the blind spot rotation and monitoring. The 360-degree view of the camera will greatly increase the viewing range, and the user can manually operate the lens , Supports 320 degrees left and right and 90 degrees up and down, so that the photographer has nowhere to escape.

2. Waterproof and dustproof

Why is waterproof so important? The camera is an electronic device. If it is immersed in the pipe, it will easily cause the A electronic board of the PCB inside to rust or short circuit, making the camera unusable. In addition, if the camera is not waterproof and the air tightness is insufficient, it is easy to choose IP66 or above for outdoor solar cameras, at least IP65 must be guaranteed, but IP65 is more suitable for installation under the eaves. If there is no concept of IP65, under the sprinkler, our sprinkler, the water flowing out is fine, that is, the head can be sprayed or sprayed under the sprinkler.

3. How to stay

The current solar camera can support video storage in a memory card or the cloud. Memory card can choose 32G, 64G and 128G, 128G memory card can store up to 65536 videos, each video is 20’S. If the capacity of the memory card is exceeded, the video will be automatically overwritten. The cloud storage method is more flexible. There is no need to worry about the camera damage and the video cannot be found for return visits. However, cloud storage requires a certain fee.

4. Infrared night vision

The night vision distance of current solar cameras is about 5-10M; infrared night vision can mainly use infrared emission device to actively put light on the object in the dark without light or light, and then reflect it into the lens for imaging; in short, it is It can only be seen through infrared supplement light;

Motion Detection

5. Power supply mode

In addition to being powered by sunlight, it also supports direct charging with a 5V power supply through the USB port. It can continue to be cloudy without sunlight, and it can be charged under natural light.

6. Intelligent function

*China Intercom: Support remote speaking​​

*Motion detection: After detecting a person, it will camera

*Real-time sending of alarm information: if a program breaks in, the alarm information will be sent remotely and the video will be recorded

The 4G solar camera can make full use of natural resources in a composite outdoor without electricity, and convert solar energy into no local energy. It cannot be used to power the camera. At the same time, it can also be inserted into the camera with a 4G SIM data card, and the mobile phone provides a remote network. Environment, no connection, no electricity and no network on the Internet.

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