Installation of 4G solar camera in a sand mining plant in Jiangxi, China

Ls-4gs50 low-power solar camera is suitable for courtyard, fish pond, farm, mine, construction site and all inconvenient power on and wiring places. This is a monitoring project of a sand mining plant of a Chinese customer, which requires that the whole day video recording and pan tilt rotation can be carried out without the need to pull the power supply and network cable.

Its main feature is 24-hour continuous video recording + low power consumption dual working mode. When the power is higher than 40%, it is 24-hour video recording mode. When the power is lower than 40%, the camera automatically switches to motion detection video recording. Microwave induction technology + charge and discharge management technology has a longer service life. In the video, the solar camera installed in the sand mining plant of Jiangxi Province, China, can record the video for 24 hours all day. The battery power is always above 80% in sunny days, and can last for more than 10 days in rainy days.

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