LS VISION’S Battery WIFI Camera, Protect Your Home Safety

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With the rapid development of modern technology, smart home life is not only reflected in intelligence and convenience, home security systems are also an important part of it. It can not only lay the foundation for the use of other smart home systems,that can also add more security to your family’s safety and property.

As a result, the application of cameras in home security has begun to become more and more widespread, so the market demand for more convenient battery cameras to install has also increased. Compared with traditional smart cameras, wireless Internet battery cameras get rid of the trouble of the power cord, are easy to install and effectively solve the user’s power wiring troubles, but how to increase the battery life of the camera and how to achieve low power consumption and long distance transmission? How to achieve stable and clear picture quality and so on are still issues of great concern to developers and users.

LS VISION’S LS-WB521 Smart home battery camera, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, long battery life, up to 6 months under normal conditions, 12 months standby, fully meet the needs of fast-paced life. Moreover, the operation is simple, you can directly operated and use it by downloading the mobile phone APP. At the same time, this camera realizes the wiring-free technology, and there is no need to worry about destroying the original decoration style. With high-definition infrared night vision function, while removing the noise, it can completely retain the picture details. When the light becomes dark, it will switch IR-CUT. There is no color difference during the day, and the night vision is very clear, and the night vision distance is up to 7m, never miss any screen that should be recorded. 2MP plus high resolution (1920X1080) can provide clear image quality with smooth images without ghosting. Such clear and smooth video browsing is also due to the intelligent transmission capabilities of its network capabilities.

The LS-WB521 battery wifi camera supports two-way voice intercom, and has the effects of echo cancellation and noise suppression, so that the sound effect is better and the sound quality is more realistic. The two-way voice intercom function makes it convenient to know the situation at home at any time when going out, such as taking care of the elderly, children or pets, etc. You can easily grasp the dynamics of the home with a battery camera. It will also update the online firmware, update the functions and experience simultaneously, and let you experience the updated version for the first time.

The camera is mainly suitable for homes, retail stores, and offices. It is a very suitable product for users who have monitoring and alarm requirements but do not want to wire or where it is inconvenient to install power sockets. It can be installed in various scenes such as the front desk, supermarket, entrance door, living room, balcony, and baby room, and it is easy to install and easy to use.

Faced with the upgrading of products on the market, we hereby promise that LS VISION will continue to work hard, insist on independent research and development, continue to strengthen quality control, and continuously improve the quality and quality of our products, and create better products for our new and old customers experience.

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