How to choose home monitoring? The difference between wireless and wired camera

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In recent years, due to the frequent occurrence of safety accidents, everyone’s awareness of prevention has gradually increased. People’s attention to home safety has also made home security applications more and more widespread. Home monitoring is a basic preventive measure based on home security. It uses physical methods or electronic technology to automatically detect intrusions that occur in the monitoring area, generate an alarm signal, and prompt the staff on duty in the area where the alarm occurred, indicates systems that are likely to take action. At present, the mainframe is mainly used to connect various detectors, such as security surveillance cameras, through wireless or wired methods, to realize the anti-theft alarm function.

And what I have to say is that installing monitoring is the simplest and most effective way for monitoring children, monitoring the elderly, monitoring pets, monitoring homes and monitoring shops. However, the current civilian security cameras still need to be considered in many aspects. The simpler judgement is to choose according to their own needs. See what functions you want the surveillance system to have, and then do you want a wired or wireless camera?

In fact, the wireless monitoring system is a combination of monitoring and wireless transmission technology. It can transmit field information from different locations to the wireless camera center through wireless communication in real time, and automatically form a video database for future retrieval. The wired surveillance camera requires construction wiring, and some changes will be made to the building wall of the installation place during installation. These cameras should stay in a fixed position. When the surveillance cameras are moved, they need to be re-wired, which is cumbersome, time-consuming, and uneconomical for home users. In contrast, a wireless camera can be moved wherever you want, because it supports wifi wireless camera. The disadvantage is that their transmission signals may be interrupted by mobile phone signals or wireless networks, which will affect the quality of video transmission. Wired product doesn’t have such problems, and it can provide higher resolution than wireless monitoring products.

So how to choose between wired and wireless?

The wired network camera can work normally when it is directly plugged into the network port or router. The advantages of using a wired network camera: The technology is mature, and the industrial network camera technology is directly transplanted, not afraid of signal interference, stable and reliable, and the cost of Internet access is relatively low. The disadvantage is that the installation is complicated, wiring is required, and the scope of use is limited.

The wireless camera needs to work with a wireless router, and the wireless router must be able to access the Internet. The advantages of using wifi or wireless cameras: no wiring is required, it is more convenient to install and increase the number of cameras, and the cost of Internet access is relatively low. This type of home network camera is the market trend and mainstream.

LS VISION’S 1080P 4G/WIFI solar camera has a motion detection mode and IP66 waterproof function, which can work normally in any environment. The installation is simple, no wiring is required, and the scope of application is wide. It can also be remotely controlled intelligently. This is also relatively common now. Install an APP on your phone to control the camera all the way. Use your mobile phone to monitor the situation at home in real time. Voice intercom can be done directly when you are not at home.

As a wireless smart surveillance, it not only has traditional camera functions, but also has super multi-functions such as voice call, infrared night vision, waterproof and dustproof. Its microwave sensing effect is more accurate than infrared sensing, and it does not need to connect to a power cord and the network cable, realizing full wireless installation, suitable for security monitoring in any complex environment.

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