LS-WB522 1080P Home Solar Battery WiFi Camera

Smart Home WIFI Cameras, including wifi battery cameras, wifi doorbells and wifi cameras, are video surveillance solutions used in smart homes.
Wifi battery camera uses PIR human body induction to trigger recording. It’s in sleeping mode when no one is detected, which can greatly save power consumption. It can stand by for 5-6 months and has a long battery life. It is powered by a built-in battery and wirelessly connected to the router. It can be used in halls, nursing homes, and houses. Support arbitrary installation and placement around, very convenient.
Wifi doorbell camera also uses low power consumption and PIR trigger technology, and is simple and convenient to install. It is a good video surveillance solution for doorway.
Wifi pan tilt camera is small and smart. It uses wifi to connect to the router to realize rapid installation and deployment of a video surveillance product. It is widely used in houses and shops where wifi signal coverage is available.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 6.7 × 5.8 × 8.9 cm


Dustproof and waterproof


Model: LS-WB522

Main characteristics:

1.1080P Battery WiFi Camera
2. 2-megapixel high resolution (1920X1080) for clear picture quality
3. Clear and smooth video browsing; intelligent transmission giving full play to capabilities of the network
4. Online firmware upgrade, and synchronous updating of the functions and experience
5. Standard H.265 video compression algorithm enabling the transmission of high-definition videos in networks with narrow bandwidth; local high-definition videos with high image quality and low stream supporting smoother presentation without ghosting
6.Two-way voice intercom supported; echo eliminated; noise suppressed
7. Compatible with Android; remote real-time monitoring supported with the IOS intelligent terminal
8. Lighting for infrared night vision (with a night vision distance of 7m); 24h around-the-clock monitoring; IR-CUT switching; free of color cast in the daytime; clearer night vision
9. The built-in rechargeable lithium battery with long battery life functions for up to 6 months under normal circumstances and can stand by for 12 months
10. 2.4G Wi-Fi supported (IEEE802.11b/g/n)
11.Cloud storage, Micro SD card (up to 128GB) and mobile phone video recording supported
12. QR code intelligent connection and network allocation supported
13. Supporting human contour detection, activity zone, intelligent push and pet snapshot


Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 6.7 × 5.8 × 8.9 cm


Dustproof and waterproof



LS VISION-Battery Camera Specification(LS-WB522)

CG6 Items Specifications
Master Processor SOC Ingenic T31ZL
Image Sensor Sensor 1/2.9″ color CMOS Sensor
Lens M12, f: 3.3mm, F2.0, 2-megapixel
Visual angle H (horizontal) 95 degrees; V (vertical) 55 degrees; D (diagonal) 110 degrees
Minimum Illumination 0.01 Lux
Audio Input/Output Two-way voice intercom available (built-in Microphone and speaker)
Audio Compressing Method AAC
Video Video Compressing Method H.264/H.265
Lighting Frequency 50Hz, 60Hz
Image Frame Rate 15 fps
Maximum Image Resolution 1920*1080P
Light Source for Night Vision IRCUT double optical filter automatic switching, and 8 infrared lights (850nm wavelength)Irradiation distance: 7M
Network Wireless Network 2.4G Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11b/g/n), built-in antenna
Protocols Supported TCP/IP, UDP/IP, DHCP, RTMP, MUTP
IP Address Supported Dynamic IP address supported
AI Intelligent Features Human contour detection, activity zone,intelligent push,  pet snapshot,Package inspection
Alarm Notification Alarm Methods Alarm push by mobile APP and alarm sound
Wake-up Wake-up Method PIR body induction wake-up, and remote positive wake-up
Video Recording Recording Method Alarm triggered recording, and manual recording
Video Storage Cloud storage, local Micro SD card, and mobile phone memory
Indicator Lamps LED Indicator RGB tri-color lamp indicating the status of power/network signal/functionality
Battery Capacity 5200mAh
Removability Unremovable
Battery Life 6 months (provided that 20 10s videos are recorded per day)
Standby Time 1 year
Charging Voltage DV 5V+-5%/1.5A
Charge Time Within 10 hours
Protection Method  IP65 is dustproof and waterproof; over-current/over-discharge/over-charge/short circuit/charging protection at high & low temperatures
Power Consumption Standby Power Consumption 0.32mW(4V 80μA)
Power Consumption of Daytime Operation 1.68mW(4V 0.35mA)
Power Consumption of Operation at Night 0.98W(4V 246mA)
Interfaces Power Supply 1 Micro USB interface
SD Card 1 Micro SD card (up to 128GB supported)
Keys 1 reboot key and 1 on/off key
Installation Method Installation Method Magnet and 1/4 universal screw holes
Environment Dustproof and waterproof IP65
Operating Environment -10° ~ 45°C  /10% ~ 80%  (no condensation)
Storage Environment -20°C ~ 60°  /0% ~ 90% (no condensation)
Specifications Size (LxWxH) 67mm*58mm*89mm(without bracket)
Material + Process ABS+PC
Color White with high gloss


1.LS-WB522 Specification

2.LS-WB522 Operation manual


1.Why is the battery operated security cameras consumed so fast and how long is the battery life?

A: The battery capacity of battery operated security cameras is 5200mAh. Under the condition that it is triggered only 20 times a day, the battery life can reach about three months.

The battery life depends on the total time of the camera’s working state, which may be caused by the following reasons:

1).The camera is frequently triggered to start recording.

2).Users frequently watch live broadcasts or adjust camera settings on their mobile phones.

3).The network environment to which the camera is connected is poor, and the camera keeps actively searching for the network.

4).Extremely cold weather will also cause a decrease in battery life.

2.Can you install a Battery Security Camera  by yourself? 

Of course, you can install this Battery Security Camera by yourself. The operation of this battery security camera is very simple. It can be installed without wiring or punching. I believe it is the best choice for you to protect the safety of your home. There are two ways to place the Battery Security Camera. The first and easiest way is to place it directly on the dining table, coffee table, kitchen or child’s bedroom in the living room without installation, so that you can move more conveniently and place the Battery Security Camera wherever you want. You will also find this Battery Security Camera very convenient when you move.
But if you don’t like to place it randomly and want to watch from a higher fixed angle, we provide a magnet base for free. You can fix the magnet on the wall. The Battery Security Camera can be attached to the magnet base, which is very stable and will not fall.

3.Do all Battery Powered Camera need Internet?

No. Not Battery Powered Camera need the Internet. With the Internet, you can remotely control the camera on the mobile phone application, connect in real time, receive the latest notifications and other functions. If you don’t need, you can check it in the local area network.

The mobile phone and the camera need to be on the same network when pairing, and the Internet is not necessarily required.

4.Will the Battery Operated Camera keep recording?

It is not.It use PIR detection technology. In order to save power, the Battery Operated Camera will only trigger work after detecting person, and the rest of the time is in the dormant state. When motion is detected, the camera will record and send you real-time alarm information to your mobile phone. When the indicator light shows blue light, it means that the camera is triggered and it starts to record. If the indicator light is not on, it means the camera is in sleep mode. You can store videos on SD card or cloud. SD card max can be used 128GB, and we use Amazon cloud.

5.Do Battery Powered Outdoor Security Camera use a lot of WiFi? 

It’s depends on trigger times and the number of times you watch.Battery Powered Outdoor Security Camera can use between 0.5 GB to upwards of 400 GB of data per month. Battery Powered Outdoor Security Camera that capture videos only upon a triggering event tend to use less than 60 GB per month, while WiFi Battery Powered that are always recording use upwards of 100 GB per month.

6.What is your Best Battery Powered Security Camera? 

Our products use the most famous chips and cooperate with Amazon Cloud,and using the most advanced technology,so they all Best Battery Powered Security Camera. Such as LS-WB522, it uses Ingenic’s chip, Amazon cloud platform, which is characterized by a combination of solar panels, so you don’t need to charge it, it can be charged by solar panels.

Others Best Battery Powered Security Camera are LS-W520 and LS-WB521. They use HiSilicon chip, it has the following intelligent functions: human contour detection, activity zone, intelligent push and pet snapshot, and LS-WB521 is the upgraded version of WB520, it adds alarm flashing white light, night vision red and white light functions.

You can choose the suitable product according to your needs.


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