LS-WS3201 Wireless solar camera

For solar cameras, there are low power wifi version, low power 4G version and CCTV conventional DC 12v input 4G version available now.
Using solar energy and battery to offer power to the cameras, they can work for a very long time. Also they can be continuously powered.
They’re environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and effectively solves the problem of the video surveillance solution of the places without power supply and network. They can reduce the trouble of laying power and network cables, and installation is simple and convenient.
They can be applied to house walls, yards, fish ponds, orchards, farms, mines, construction sites and all places where electricity and wiring are not convenient.

Weight 1.72 kg
Dimensions 77.0 × 60.6 × 44.4 cm




Model: LS-WS3201

Main characteristics:

1.No need for external electricity, solar power generation and built-in lithium battery power supply;

2.No need to connect the network cable, wifi network transmission;

3.Remote viewing by mobile APP (Tuya);

4.Human body movement triggers alarm and video recording;

5.Local storage, cloud storage;

6.The installation is simple, install by yourself, no need to hire professional construction personnel;

Weight 1.72 kg
Dimensions 77.0 × 60.6 × 44.4 cm




Product specifications

Model: LS-WS3201
Motion: HMD(Human Motion Detection)
Chipset: Ingenic T21Z
Sensor:   1/2.7″  CMOS
Wifi module: 7682
Wifi Protocols: WIFI 2.4GHz, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Pixels: 2MP
Solution: 1920*1080
Lens: 4mm
Shoot-Distance: 0-15M
Shoot-Angle: 80º
Wake Time: 0.6 Seconds
Battery: 15600mAh
Solar Panel: 8W
Night-Led: White&IR Red Led
IR Led: 1W  LED
TF Card: Maximore 64GB looping Video Recording
Motion Distance: 0-12M
Motion Angle: 120º
Temperature: -15℃ TO 60℃
Humidity: 0%-90%RH
Power: Solar&Battery
Standy Power Consumption: 0.08W
Working Power Consumption: DAY≤1.8W,NIGHT≤2.5W
Waterproof: IP66
Accessories: Camera*1、Solar Panel*1、Bracket*1、Screw Bag*1、Manual Book*1、Tools
Camera Size: 220mm*170mm*115mm
 Camera Weight 0.52kg
Solar Panel Size: 243mm*183mm*45mm
Solar Panel Weight: 0.87kg(Including 6PCS 18650 Battery)
Packing Size: 288mm*207mm*148mm
G.W/PCS: 1.72kg(Including 6PCS 18650 Battery)
Outer Box Size: L770mm*W606mm*H444mm
G.W/CTN: 29.5kg(Including Battery)
Quantiy/CTN: 16PCS/CTN


LS-WS3201 Specification

LS-WS3201 Operation manual


1.Why does this Solar IP Camera run out of power after a few days? 

1).Batteries are generally in a state of about 50% at the time of sale, so you need to fully charge the batteries before use.

2)Frequent microwave triggering will quickly consume power. In a complex environment, we recommended that you set detection to low sensitivity or turn it off on the APP.

3)The battery life is calculated based on the 20 triggers per day and 15-second viewing each time. Frequent or prolonged viewing of the device will cause the device’s power consumption to be very rapid.

4)When the network is unstable, the device needs to restart and communicate with the server at regular intervals to maintain a normal state. A very unstable network will also cause the battery to drain faster.

2.What should I do if the video of Solar IP Camera is full?

Since this Solar IP Camera is not a full-time video product, generally a 16G TF card can meet 30 days of video storage. Support loop recording, the earliest recording file will be automatically overwritten when the memory card is full, and the recording format is MP4.

3.How often does the Solar IP Camera need to be recharged?

It can be charged with a USB interface, about takes more than 8 hours to fully charge. Generally, the designed solar panel can support 15 consecutive days of rainy weather when the sun can shine. If the rainy weather continues or the device frequently wakes up, you need use the 5V USB power supply to charge.

4.How to share Solar IP Camera with family and friends?

After Solar IP Camera has been configured, if you want to share camera with other people, you need to ask him to download the APP on the phone and register an account. Then under the original account, enter the device list-interface-settings-sharing permissions-sharing-and enter the account that needs to be shared. The sharer can also set the device usage permissions of the shared object, such as intercom, view video, etc. The shared object can no longer share the device with others. The APP has no limit on the number of users sharing, but it can only support 3 people watching at the same time, and one of them can talk to each other.


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